Stage: May 5, 16:40 - 17:30
Panel Discussion: Storytelling in VR
Dominik Stockhausen (Director SONAR), Silvia Albarella (Set Designer), Susanne Marian (cinemathon). Moderation: Lauren Moffatt

Humans have been wanting to create new realities for as long as art has existed. Technology has now developed to a point where we can create virtual worlds and experience them with our senses fairly easily. And such new realities also call for new storytelling methods than the ones we have had so far. But what methods for storytelling can be applied to a different reality? And how do individuals and societies acquire the skills to use these methods? Do we have to re-invent telling stories to adapt it to the new realities?

This panel will discuss limits and possibilities of familiar and yet unknown storytelling methods as well as opportunities for the performing arts.


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