Installation: May 5 and 6
The Doghouse
4 Participants

In the Doghouse you experience, what the actor experiences — As if you were there.

It started with the desire to understand mother. Her thoughts, her little lies, and her shame. So she no longer could hide behind, what all mothers hide behind; that she gave birth to you. To understand her, we need to see her point of view. And not just her point of view, but also the points of view of the people around her. That led to The Doghouse, and the idea to experience the same story from five different points of view at the same time. Omni-POV. We call it First Person Reality, because we put the audience even before the first row, inside the character, where the film is no longer fiction, but reality. In the Doghouse you experience, what the actor experiences. As if you were there. You see, what the actor sees, and you hear, what the actor hears. So you, by the help of the actor, become a character in the film. Like an advanced role playing game. The Samsung Gear glasses give the spectator the opportunity to look around the living room. You yourself choose where to look, in the ceiling, to the sides, or even down the body of your character. At the same time you’ll have a true perception of the sounds surrounding you, so you can navigate in the audio landscape. Together these impressions create an experience of being present in the film, like being in a dream, a memory, or pure fantasy.


Johan Knattrup Jensen
Director and writer, graduated from film school Super16 in 2012 with the graduation film ‘Copenhagen Love Story’ about the last days of real life poet Michael Strunge. In 2011 Johan made the crossover documentary ‘Road to Paradise’, where he follows the footsteps of late hippie star Eik Skaløe in his fatal journey to rural India to commit suicide. The documentary screened in all major film festivals in Denmark. Johan also works in the fields of photography, theatre, music, and performance art.

Mads Damsbo
As a producer at Makropol, Mads wants to curate and create transforming audiovisual experiences in a digital age. Together with film producers and directors, interaction designers and game designers, artist and coders, Mads works as a professional facilitator for talents who work with storytelling in this new media landscape. Thus, Makropol takes pride in being undefined until it’s connected to an idea or project. It has an ever-changing nature, which is what makes it flexible and applicable in cross-medial constellations.

Dark Matters
Works with light, stage design, development of new ideas and abstract visual narration museums, theatres, music & television.


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