Stage: May 5, 18:30 - 19:15
Panel Discussion: Virtual Realities in Garages, Laboratories, Venues and Theatres
Sharon Smith (Gob Squad), Sarah Thom (Gob Squad), Christian Römer (Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung), Thomas Oberender (Berliner Festspiele). Moderation: Max Schumacher (post theater)

Lead or let go? Realities, both virtual and analogue, have one thing in common: they are seamless.  And when people envison new realities they are seamless as well, there are no boundaries and restrictions. However when realities are produced, in a virtual space, on a sound stage or a theatre stage, they are always produced in defined spaces.
The places of production often define the outcome.
Creativity in garages, incorruptible research in laboratories, additional value in corporations, representation in operas,
are some of the naive assumptions.
Fab Labs regulary become sophisticated copy shops, traditional theatres are sometimes the haven for unruly academic
researchers and every major corporate headquarter has a “playroom” or an “Innovation Lab” with some VR Gears and a Karaoke stage.
But what are truely good production places and structures in the fludity of newly evolving arts?
In what spaces, institutions, laboratories can artists and developer flourish together and enter together new realms of unimagined possiblillities?


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