Workshop: May 6, 10:00 - 12:00
Performance Art and Smartphones: Creating Digital Intimacy
Maya Magnat
10 Participants


Who is addressed:
Anyone who is interested in creating short digital and intermedial performances. Please bring your own smartphone!

What you’ll learn:
The participants will start developing a short digital performance work during the workshop.

On the first part of the workshop we will talk about digital and intermedial performance. We will see examples of different digital performance works and talk about how the form and content work together to create the artistic effect. During the second part of the workshop, every group or individual will choose one of the works we discussed before and do their own version of it using their smartphones.

Maya Ofir Magnat is a theater director and performance artist. She has a B.Ed. in theater directing from „kibuzzim“ college and M.F.A in Performance Research: Theory and Practice from the University of Tel Aviv. Maya directed Lior Zalmanson’s play „Alone, Together“ – a play about people and digital devices. She also created and performed „Interfacing“ – a digital theater performance that deals with the relationship between people and digital devices and „Coded“ – a performative video game that reviles her own „code“. Maya is interested in digital performance, web performance and other combinations between live and mediated performers.