Stage: May 5, 16:10 - 16:35
Performance: EMOJI
Dennis Alim, Michelle Daglis, Nicole Kischkat, Nena Lezinsky, Anne Schoknecht , Etienne Silbiger, Deniz Winzen


When does an illusion become experienced reality?
I am not in pain. I chose to live a life, but it is my life. It is not your life. And it is very important that I live my life and you live your life.
But what happens if my life is your life?
Live your own life. Mine is already occupied. And it is getting too small even for me. There is no more room in here.

Hikikomori are people who decide to lock themselves away in their flat or their room and to reduce their contact to the outside world to a minimum. They often withdraw to the Internet, the virtual world, where they then create their own worlds.
The ministry of health defines a Hikikomori as a person that refuses to move out of their parent’s house and withdraws from family and society for at least six months. However, there are cases where Hikikomori remain in this self-inflicted isolation for years or even decades.


Kirsten Burger (director) studied fine arts and graphic design in Vienna and Hamburg and works as theatre director, actress, writer and filmmaker in Berlin. She also has an education in dance and acting. She is a member of Expander- filmkollektiv and works constantly together with Defakto GmbH.

Director: Kirsten Burger
Stage/costum design: Nicola Minssen,
Artistic collaboration: Mikko Geastel /Expander
Projectmanagement: Sabine Stein, Katja Segelbacher,
carried out within the framework of Defakto GmbH


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