Stage: May 5, 15:00 - 15:20
Performance of Perception
Marcello Lussana et al.

‘Performance of Perception’ is both performance and research on human perception. The object of the research was how the perception of movement is influenced by interactive technologies and how it can be carried out. The concept originated within the context of two large-scale projects, which Marcello Lussana was and still is directly involved with: Motioncomposer and Metabody.

Marcello Lussana – Conception, interactive music and research
is a composer, software developer and free thinker focusing on interactive systems. He currently coordinates the development of the music for the project MotionComposer – – and is also musical director for the project.

Robert Wechsler – Choreographer
is the inventor of MotionComposer, a choreographer and dancer and was one of the pioneers of interactive technologies. He founded the Palindrome Dance Company, holds a Master’s degree in choreography from New York University and was a protégé of Merce Cunningham and John Cage.

Annika Dörr – Dancer
was born in Ulm and started dancing ballet at the age of 4. Annika studied dance at the University of the Arts in London and at the Salzburg Academy of Dance (SEAD). In recent years, she has been working on movement in a more general sense, beyond contemporary and stage dance. In Berlin she teaches both children and adults. Since she finished her training, Annika has been teaching workshops on MotionComposer and dancing for various companies in Europe and America.

Martina Nitz – Dancer
has been with Theater Thikwa since 1995. Active in the arts and represented in various exhibitions of the Thikwa Werkstatt für Kunst und Theater.

Oscar Palou – Musician
was born in Barcelona, where he also got started in his audio-visual career. Moved to Berlin in 2011, where he continued to work as a musician, as an electronic composer and performer as well as a flute player. His interests oscillate between musical tradition and modernity.

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