First Floor: 14:00 - 14:20
Performance: Staging Virtualities

In ‚Staging Virtuality‘ FRE are dealing with the question if and how theatre can bring virtual spaces on stage. The alleged paradox of virtual reality encounters genuinely theatrical qualities. As a live-event, theatre is characterised by physical presence and a concrete location. Facing new technologies such as virtual/augmented reality, an interesting field is evolving between those poles whose quality ‘Staging Virtuality’ tries to get a grasp of. How does ‘Virtuality’ influence the performer as well as the audience, their bodies, voices, movements and perception? Thus, what does it make of theatre as a physical space?

Since its foundation in 2015 the group FRE works on how to deal with virtual spaces and experiences on stage. Which are the chances as well as the resistances that occur if theatre embraces New Media? How does it change as soon as it includes modern technologies? With a common background in theatre and media studies, we dedicate our scenic research and performances to this very subject, dealing with its diverse facets. Our current interest primarily lies within the increasingly close relation between the human body and the technology surrounding it, thus on various shapes of ‘Cyborgs’. As for theatre being a genuinely bodyfocused live-event among performers and audiences using all different kinds of techniques and tools to support the performer’s body trying to create a certain atmosphere, we believe it to offer something very unique with respect to these questions.

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