Installation: May 5 and 6

Imagine you’re standing in front of a shipping container. You step inside and suddenly realise it isn’t a normal container but a portal instead. It connects you to and lets you talk with whoever has entered another portal located somewhere else on the planet. This isn’t your typical video chat software – you get immersed in it. Portals was created by Shared_Studios and is currently setup on the street just opposite of the STATION’s entrance.

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You’ll find the golden Portal opposite of the entrance to the STATION. The portal will stand through May 6th.

Portals is a global public art initiative. Each Portal is a gold shipping container equipped with immersive audio-visual technology and placed in public sites around the world. When individuals enter one Portal, they come face-to-face with a stranger in a distant, identical Portal and can converse live as if in the same room. Each Portal is staffed by a Portal Curator who engages the local community and provides live interpretation. More than 13,000 people have engaged in one-on-one dialogues around the world through Portals – now it’s your turn!

other Portals are located in :

Stanford, USA
Newark, USA
Milwaukee, USA
Erbil, Iraq
Kigali, Rwanda
Herat, Afghanistan
Nairobi, Kenya
New Haven, USA
Mexico City, Mexico
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
El Progreso, Honduras
The UN General Assembly
Havana, Cuba
Isfahan, Iran
Miami, USA
Tehran, Iran
Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp
New York, USA
Park City, USA
Washington DC, USA
Geneva, Switzerland
Maryland, USA
Nashville, USA
San Francisco, USA

Shared_Studios is a multidisciplinary arts, design, and technology collective. We ground the connective potential of technology in physical spaces to create environments in which distant people can naturally converse, collaborate, and play. We envision wormholes throughout the world, carved by an Internet you can walk through.

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