Third Floor: May 5, 15:40 - 16:40
Presentation: „70“ – a performative dialogue about measuring, sharing, loving in virtual reality
Hyoung-Min Kim, Thomas Schütt

According to a diagram of Personal Space by anthropologist Edward Hall, 70cm is the distance by which you can protect your intimate space, but your personal space is invaded. „70“ is about invasion and protection. It appears in our every day´s life in different shapes and situations. I look at 70 as a tool to perceive the ‚other‘ which creates a relationship, and as an initiation which asks us to cooperate with others and creates states of freedom, enforcement, hapticality, rejection and love. Furthermore I ask what is created through 70 in physical space and in digital life and whether it brings about the same states, emotions etc under conditions of virtuality.

In digital life the concept of 70 reaches to beyond physical space and time and expands into virtual space. In my presentation I want to share the mechanisms of community support and individual boykott and want to question the far too simple division between strategies for real life and strategies for digital life, as both start from the same issues of perception and cooperation.


Hyoung-Min Kim(1980) is from South Korea and Berlin based artist. How can one fully describe the human condition on an artistic level? This is the question that has been driving her artistic work. She put her focus on the life of refugees and human desire for safety, protection, security and home and therefore, examined especially the forms of intimidation towards very basic human needs. She opened a dance-like cluster of expression for the human body. She have shown her work in different places in Europe and South Korea mainly and awarded by Korean critics as a ‘Best Piece of the Year 2014’ with ‘Gelbe Landschaften’ and ‘The story of those who left’. She was funded by the Governing Mayor of Berlin- Senate Chancellery- Cultural Affairs , Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Arco Council Korea,Seoul Art foundation,Hauptstadt Kultur Fond.

Thomas Schütt, born in 1979, is a freelance performer, dramaturg and philosopher in the field of contemporary performing arts. Numerous international collaborations with artists such as Michael Laub/Remote Control Productions, Two Fish, EX!T Ausgangspunkt Theater, Wagner Moreira and Hyoung-Min Kim amongst others. Together with director and walking trainer Elke Schmid he founded and regularly performs with ÉCOLEFLÂNEURS, a school for the art of strolling. He lives in Berlin.

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