Lab: May 6, 10:00 – 14:00
Interactive Projections
20 Participants


Who is addressed:
People/artists/performers/directors/stage designer how want to explore possibilities of playing live audio and visuals

What you’ll learn:
What interfaces can I build and use to expand my visions of space and sound?

Overview of mapping techniques and implementation of audio reactivity for projections: placement and selection of projectors (direction, shadows, additional light); Overview software apps (Modul8, eMotion, MadMapper, VDMX); multiple software usage via Syphon; short introduction to transfer of data (Midi, OSC, DMX, Art-net, Audio in VDMX)

setup projections: multiple projectors; general, partial, switchover masks; map 3D environment to 2D screen graphics

setup audio to projections: short introduction to audio software setup; multi channel audio output to multi channel audio input; sound-card implementation; select audio-input per channel or filter; connect to FX; work with audio-mixer

content: select content for your impact and purpose (generative, live-camera, kinect, leap motion, any midi device); add site specific motion graphic design (compression and format); connect content and input, send to next task; workflow for recording (Syphon rec)

LiCHTPiRATEN is a Berlin-based artist team. We create audio-visual projections in public and private spaces, and turn sonic atmospheres into fascinating performances and installations. We work site-specific, explore the boundaries of analog and digital interfaces and love to play live with the interaction of the audience.