Workshop: May 6, 10:00 – 13:00
Remersion – Making the Body Your Stage
internil and Hylynyiv Lyngyrkz
10 Participants

Who is addressed:
No particular skills needed. The use of electricity is not completely painless. No admittance for persons with pacemakers or sensitivity to electric nerve stimulation.

What you’ll learn:
How to use electricity for making your body a stage of muscle play.

In this workshop we experiment with transforming the body itself into a stage through electrical stimulation. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) transmits power pulses to muscles and can control their movement from the outside. We will examine its performative potential on one of the primary stages of human drama: the face.
 After first examining the basic principles of the technology we will aim to reverse the method of motion capture and transfer digitally recorded human movements back into a real body. This opens up opportunities by choreographing muscles, but also an intense potential for artistic narration as well as literal power play.
 TENS technology when used in this form is not completely painless. As a participant you should have an interest in making the experience yourself. For persons with pacemakers or known sensitivity to electric nerve stimulation that attempt is not suitable.

Arne Vogelgesang was born in Berlin, studied directing in Vienna and founded the theatre label internil in Leipzig. internil has been devising independent theatre and performance projects for more than 10 years now. He also works freelance as a video artist and expert on the aesthetics of extremist propaganda (e.g. for the upcoming Theater & Netz conference). Arne also was part of festivals, published literary works in anthologies, stayed at home when he should have gone out and received several scholarships, residencies, awards and social benefits.

Hylynyiv Lyngyrkz is a Berlin-based coder and artist. She has been using data-sonification, selfmad experimental controllers, webmetrics and other techniques for technology-contemplative setups and realtime sound synthesis. Her works were shown at Transmediale Vorspiel 2014, KW – Kunstwerke Berlin, Transmediale Hacklab 2015 and Liebig12, Berlin. She also designed and built – a platform for technology based art. She already collaborated with internil on the occasion of Forecast Festival, at HKW, in February 2016, where she designed, built and programmed a sensoric glove to interact in Unity3D.