Lab: May 5, 12:30 – 16:15
10 Participants

Who is addressed:
Anybody who has a feeling for three dimensions, likes to paint or sculpt and is comfortable with VR.

What you’ll learn:
During the Workshop people get used to the HTC Vive and use Googles painting tool Tiltbrush.

Paint while using your whole body to drive the strokes of bruhes in different shapes and colours through all three dimensions. During the LAB people get used to the HTC Vive and use Googles painting tool Tiltbrush. The VR system works with two handcontrollers and a hmd to move around freely in a tracked space. Attendees create an artwork in a three dimensional space in a very direct and intuitive way that hasn´t been possible before. Whole new possibilities open up with using not only brushstrokes but even various element like fire and snowflakes to draw with. Participants have the chance to perform in Tiltbrush on stage at 7pm and draw for the gentle audience.

Sara Lisa Vogl is a creative squirrel with a passion for latest tech and a VR Nerd since the Oculus Rift DK1. She´s working in the fields of UX / UI, Communication & Art on Lucid Trips. Sara teaches at Design Factory International in Hamburg and is active in the independent VR gaming scene. At VR Nerds she is building up Nerd-Human Relations in that field and debuted as a self-proclaimed VR Shaman during her DIS/CONNECTED performance where collaborator Thorsten S. Wiedemann spent 48 hours in the HTC Vive living through a VR trip Sara curated for him. She is also an avid skateboarder and has a crush on quantum physics and neurosience.